Child Protection

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Children’s aid societies have enormous powers. Although part of their function is to assist families with services, they are also mandated to investigate and assess the family. Depending on the outcome of such investigations and assessments, the Children’s Aid Society may interfere further in a family’s life. Such interventions may include voluntary service agreements, supervision orders, and in some cases wardship.

When the Children’s Aid Society becomes involved with your family, it is time to seek competent legal advice quickly. Due to the complexities of child protection proceedings, it is recommended that the lawyer have experience in this type of work. The stakes are too high for anything less.

We are recognized leaders in the child protection field.  We have litigated many child protection cases and have been involved in many of the leading child protection cases in Ontario.  We were involved with Justice Susan Lang’s Motherisk Hair Analysis Independent Review and also the Motherisk Commission.

Our firm is routinely asked to assist on difficult cases and have been appointed amicus by the courts.  We are passionate about protecting your dignity and helping you keep your family safe.

We have significant experience in all areas of child protection, and in particular:

  • Representing parents, children, grandparents, kin caregivers, foster parents, children’s aid societies, aboriginal bands
  • Representing clients with disabilities, cognitive limitations, addictions, mental health, and criminal records
  • Child protection trials
  • Summary judgment motions
  • Child protection appeals
  • CFSRB hearings
  • Motions for party status

  • Temporary care and custody motions
  • Intersection of immigration issues with child welfare proceedings
  • Intersection of criminal charges with child welfare proceedings
  • Intersection of high conflict separations with child welfare proceedings
  • Independent legal advice for custody orders
  • Openness applications
  • Applications to the Child and Family Services Review Board
  • Charter arguments and applications in the context of child protection proceedings

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