Jul 17

Separation Agreements: Why You Need Them

During initial interviews with clients, one of the most common questions I get asked is: “why do I need a separation agreement?”. For many clients, the rationale goes something like this: “My spouse and I are able to communicate despite wanting to separate. We agree to everything between us. We... read more →
Apr 24

Spring Shoe Drive!

Last week, I discovered that my daughter had outgrown her shoes again and would need another two pairs of shoes (one pair for outdoor wear and one pair for indoor at school).  I found myself, again, moaning about how much I spend for shoes on my two little people -... read more →
Mar 15

Alternatives to “Full Service”: Coaching and Support

Recently, Justice Bonkalo released a report recommending that paralegals be allowed to practice without supervision in cases family law dealing with custody, access, restraining orders, and child support.  To say that the report was met with deep consternation is perhaps an understatement.  While I will not re-hash my opinion of... read more →
Nov 14

A New Way to Divorce

I listened to a fascinating program on CBC Radio’s “Out in the Open” last week about divorce – how it has changed over the years and some of the realities “on the ground”.  It was a very good episode, and I recommend that anyone who is contemplating a separation listen... read more →
Aug 12

The Danger of “Kitchen Table” Agreements

Recently, I have had quite a few cases with clients who have had entered into “kitchen table” agreements with spouses soon after separation. In many ways, I can understand why parties enter into these agreements.  Clients are frequently emotional and vulnerable immediately after separation and their first impulse is to... read more →
Jul 19

Breaking the Cycle of Hopelessness and Despair

I read an article this article in the Toronto Star today: Mother-child prison program giving babies, mothers 'a better chance'.  The article contains a description of a program which aims to keep children with their mothers while they are in jail.  As I read the article, the following statement jumped out at me:... read more →
Jun 25

The Power of Taking Court Out of the Equation

When I speak to clients about collaborative law, one frequent worry is that the collaborative process takes away the option of "going to court".  To engage in collaborative law, both parties need to agree not to go to court. If either party chooses to do so, the collaborative process ends and both... read more →
Jun 08
May 18

May is Moving Month

This has been a month "on the move". For those of you who have attempted to contact me this last month, you will know that I've been busy with my second two-week child protection trial this year. This trial was particularly interesting since it raised some great legal issues and... read more →
Apr 15

Sunny Weather in Toronto!

Spring is finally here in Toronto.  And with the sunny weather comes a sunny event worthy of promotion: The Collaborative Practice Toronto ART BATTLE! Collaborative Practice Toronto is hosting a fundraising event in support of SickKids Hospital on May 11, 2016 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  The event promises to... read more →